Saturday, 6 April 2013

where life begins and love never ends...

Hello again,

Jumping back in to the Orange Paperie & Co. Challenge for April.

Loved the challenge set by Mary this month so had to get on it like Sonic.

I made sure when I finished work yesterday that I had all the ingredients for the image I had in my head for this layout, mostly inspired by the media provided for the challenge.

Here is the image that was provided...

and definitely inspired....

other requirements of this challenge were stamping and punching.

I have taken the media quite literally and when I saw the pp that I have used I knew it was perfect because it has a single chair and almost a wallpaper background. 

I have based my layout on family and was very much inspired by Annette Edmonds and her February page for Orange paperie where she had used lots of pictures of her loved ones and friends.  So I knew what I wanted to do when I saw the picture above.

So here is my layout for the April Challenge on

I hope you can make out all the pictures.  I have made a gallery.  A wall of pictures.  Of my family.  I have used the new 'Remember Me' range which is appropriate  for the two loved ones, I like to remember from my past, I have used poppies on their picture frames to symbolise they are no longer with us.

I have stamped frames around my gorgeous nephews and inked edges of the card frames I have made.  Unfortunately there is no punching used as the only punches, I own are a kangaroo and a map of Australia and didn't think them suitable on this very personal layout. 

In the corner I have used a scan of a silhouette that was made of me at my brother's wedding as I wanted this layout to be about my family and not me.

All the people on this layout are considered my family even though they may not be by blood and I was debating on using a saying I found which says

"Family isn't always blood.
It's the people in your life who want you in theirs,
the ones who accept you for who you are,
the ones who would do anything to see you smile
and who love you no matter what." 

but I felt it would ruin the simplicity and bold message that the title displays. 
It only matters that I call them my family because they truly are.

Hope you like this insight and my attempt at this challenge.



  1. I really LOVE this Bec, I love all the symbolism you have used is just fabulous, your layout has so much meaning and you have Rocked the challenge
    Mary x

  2. Love your take on this months challenge, Bec!
    choice of pp is perfect and love all your frames!
    we can feel the love and connection you have with your subjects.....beautiful work and thanks for joining us at OP&C this month for Mary's challenge :)

  3. Lovely work Bec! I love your idea for the frames and colour scheme. And the title is perfect for the theme. It's a very heartfelt layout and we sometimes forget how important family is (weather they are blood related or not). Thanks for joining in.

  4. I love this Bec!! A really beautiful take on the challenge!! Thanks for joining in.

  5. What a beautiful page and i am so pleased that i was able to provide some inspiration