Saturday, 8 June 2013

The next installment...

Hopefully, you already know what mission I have chosen is, if not, the short of it is showing my scrapbooking development as a series of blogs to show you what I achieve in Mary Bennett's ( scrapbooking class at Marally Craft.

So I have covered week 1 already, so the 24th of November 2012, was our next class.

Mary's Miss You layout was using the Periwinkle pattern papers from Kaisercraft.

Here it is

Mary created here, a lovely layout of her father, with the title Miss You, adding blue to the page to sit well with the photo, and sewing around the edges of the photo to show us another technique used in recent scrapbooking.

I chose a photo of my nephew, which unfortunately couldn't be cut into a circle and as I liked the turquoise touches on the top PP, I chose to us the turquoise in my background paper.

Mary, showed us how to distress the edges of our photo frames and how to use other media to layer with like muslin and canvas.
Below is the torn edage with embellishments that we have used to add a point of difference to the page, you can also see the stamping better in the photo below.

Because of the beautiful photo I wanted to keep the layout simple to not attract the eye anywhere but the photo and without knowing it I created quite a fashionable layout with 'White Space'.

Believe me this was without intention. :)

Thank you Mary.

See you soon folks.

B x

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  1. I really enjoyed teaching this layout with the techniques involved and hope you all enjoyed it to