Saturday, 10 November 2012

Simple craft story

Just wanted to start...
...on the 10.11.12
to document a simple crafting journey.

I can show you where I started and each project I take on.

Working in a craft shop is inspiring everyday, I just wish I had more time and money to do all the things my imagination dreams up. (like we all do)

During the last two years, I have experimented with lots of new craft, out of my comfort zone of basic card making, which is my original love from the UK. 
Now here in Australia, doors have opened and I have met so so many amazing ladies all involved in different crafts.

Patchwork = Ally, Sarah, Lorraine, Glenda & Kate
Embroidery = Connie, Sue, Vicki & all the wonderful bag ladies.
Doll Making = Annie
Scrapbooking = Mary, Kim and Annette
Card making = Christine & Gail

There is such a community here in Orange and I am lucky to have stumbled into a heavenly job, with absolutely devoted crafting companions!

I have joined two classes since being here in Orange, embroidery & scrapbooking, of which I can share projects from on this blog.

Here I go...

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  1. welcome to Blog land Bec :) I totally enjoyed today and I look forward to sharing & creating a relaxed, fun, creative time in our group. Your layout you completed today was fabulous