Sunday, 1 April 2018

A lady who is always "Loving Life"

Hello Everyone...
Back again with another creation for a Birthday girl... I have made a flip book with added extras.
The flip book first page is more of a title page for the soul sister I was sending it too because it describes her every ounce.  "Loving Life"
When you turn the first page I have made some stamped sentiments and a sparkle pack for her to use in her own work...
The second page has a birthday message and letter pocket for my detailed letter.
When you turn to the third page I have created a pocket page for collectables that I know she would love and use on her gorgeous layouts of her grandsons.
On the last page I have made a doily envelope to hold some paper I find dear to my heart, I have only spared some because I know she'll see the beauty in this old wrapping paper that I have kept for years.  I have placed some tags for her to use on her "Week in the Life of..."
On the back page the quote says it all...
Not only about this Sister of the Slipperhood but about us all.
Gotta love A.A. Milne!!!
Sending you all my Love